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Flu Vaccines Are Not The Panacea As Stated

An article from the University of Minnesota states that flu vaccines are not as effective as we have been told.  Frankly, I don’t recommend them at all for two reasons.  The first is that we don’t know what else is … Continue reading

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Threats to Dilute Organic Foods Standards

Alliance for Natural Health-USA has informed us that there are attempts to add non-organic additives or preservatives to baby food.  Yes, baby food! Some people are trying to admit synthetic additives, some of which might even be genetically-modified.  It amazes me … Continue reading

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Who Says There is No Science Behind The Concerns About GMO’s?

The Seeds of Doubt Conference in Los Angeles on October 6 was superb!  It left No Doubt about why we should be concerned about current genetically-modified food.  If you don’t want to watch the whole conference, at least watch Dr. … Continue reading

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We Are All Victims!

Who are the victims of the genetic-modification of food experiment? Certainly the scientists who have been summarily fired from their jobs for speaking the truth about the dangers of genetically modified (GM) foods. Certainly the farmers who have been sued by Monsanto because, … Continue reading

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How Truthful Are Those Ads About Prop 37?

Anna Ghosh has written a helpful response at to the ads put out by the consortium against Proposition 37.  I would like to add some information. The most frequent complaint I hear is “how come my dog’s food can … Continue reading

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Genetic Roulette, free to view for another week

Originally posted on GMO Awareness:
Thanks to sponsorship by Nutiva, Genetic Roulette is free to view for another week.

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Counters to the Nasty Ads

Many people are telling me about the nasty ads they are hearing about Proposition 37.  The ads claim that food prices will increase terribly, there will be tons of fickle law suits, there are too many loop holes in the … Continue reading

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“They” Say GMO’s are Safe: Learn the Real Truth

Seeds of Doubt Conference                                                      There is a scientific session this coming Saturday near LAX.  For … Continue reading

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