“They” Say GMO’s are Safe: Learn the Real Truth

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There is a scientific session this coming Saturday near LAX.  For those of you in Southern California, this is a special opportunity to learn about the research and scientific information available about genetically-modified (GM) food.   Remember, even the FDA scientists in the 1990’s recommended to the FDA NOT to approve GM foods without more research.  The FDA commissioner in charge (who had worked for Monsanto) approved GM foods anyway.

I consider the approval of Proposition 37, the labeling of GM foods, a fight for our health and the health of future generations.  My colleagues relate that when they get their patients to eat diets free of GM foods, the patients’ symptoms go away, sometimes as quickly as 3 days.  I spoke with a high school teacher last night who told me that in all her years of teaching, she has never seen so many students with serious digestive disorders like colitis and irritable bowel disease.  I have no doubt this is from the food these teenagers are eating.  I fear our digestive tracts are being damaged by GM foods.

The big companies are blitzing the media now with negative information about Prop 37.  It is going to get hotter and heavier the closer we get to the election.  We must counter their misinformation with the truth.  The Proposition will not result in massive bureaucracy nor raise the cost of foods significantly.  In Europe when labeling was implemented, the cost of food rose less than 1%.  The law is designed NOT to encourage lots of law suits.  So, give us our RIGHT TO KNOW what is is our food!  We have the right to worship, we have the right to free speech.  We also should have the right to know what is in our food and what we are spending our hard-earned money on.

Please attend this meeting if you can.  And continue to spread the word about the importance of passing Proposition 37 November 6th.

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