Counters to the Nasty Ads

Many people are telling me about the nasty ads they are hearing about Proposition 37.  The ads claim that food prices will increase terribly, there will be tons of fickle law suits, there are too many loop holes in the proposition, and on and on.  Are these truths?  No! They are all to distract people away from the main issue: genetically-modified foods are dangerous.  We need to know what contains them, through labeling, so that we can avoid them.

When labeling was introduced into Europe at the insistence of the public, food prices increased by less than 1%.  The law is purposely designed not to encourage lots of law suits.      There are “loop holes” because California law is very particular about how propositions are written.  In order to ensure that this was not thrown out, the proposition had to include the  exemptions.  The writing was not done by Monsanto, as one person questioned.  It has been put forth by one Italian grandmother from Orange County who is terribly worried about the food that is available for her grandchildren.  She is absolutely correct.  My thanks to her for her efforts.

There is a brief good video about GMO’s on the web put out by Gary Null:  Also, if you have not watched the movie documentary, Genetic Roulette, I highly recommend this as a resource for information.

Please spread the word.  Yes on Prop 37 in California!

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