How Truthful Are Those Ads About Prop 37?

Anna Ghosh has written a helpful response at to the ads put out by the consortium against Proposition 37.  I would like to add some information.

The most frequent complaint I hear is “how come my dog’s food can be labeled but not the meat and dairy that I will be eating?”  If all foods were included in the proposition, it would have been illegal.  For example, alcohol, hospital food, restaurant food all fall under other regulations.  Dog food falls under the same regulations as human food we buy in a store.  Animals fed GM grains are not considered GM themselves because what an animal is fed falls under other regulations.   If the entire animal is genetically-modified (like some salmon are now), then the animal must be labeled.

Myth #2: Bureaucracy:  There is no need for extra bureaucracy.  All of this can be handled in the current structures we have.

Myth #6: Concern about frivolous lawsuits.  When an error is found, the companies will receive ample time to make corrections.  Thus there is no need for a bunch of lawsuits.

I have also been told that because the proposition is so imperfect, the individual will wait until we get a better one.  This is what we have, it will provide us with the right to know which we do not have now.  As one attorney said to me, no law is perfect, ever.  This is our opportunity.  Let us grab it while we can.

Please tell everyone you know about how critical it is that we pass Prop 37.  Vote YES on Proposition 37 on Nov 6.

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