We Are All Victims!

Who are the victims of the genetic-modification of food experiment?

Certainly the scientists who have been summarily fired from their jobs for speaking the truth about the dangers of genetically modified (GM) foods.

Certainly the farmers who have been sued by Monsanto because, when the pollen from other farms growing GM crops contaminated their own crops and the farmers inadvertently were growing GM crops, Monsanto sued them for patent infringement.  Yes, hundreds of small farmers have been abused this way.

Certainly the workers who spray the modified Bt toxin and who develop immune system and respiratory system symptoms as well as very irritating skin problems including itching.

Certainly the people who have developed soy allergies and other food allergies associated with eating genetically-modified soy.  One study in the UK showed an increase of 50% in the number of people with soy allergy after GM soy was introduced.

What about the “coincidental” increases in autism, irritable bowel disease, breast cancer and type II Diabetes Mellitus since the introduction of GM soy, corn and canola?  Are those people also victims.?

What about the associations in animal studies where animals fed GM corn or soy developed fertility problems, immune system problems, accelerated aging, faulty blood sugar regulation, kidney and liver and digestive system damage?

All of us, our children, and our grandchildren will all be victims if we do not stop eating GM foods until the technology can be developed that makes them truly safe.  We need to know which foods are safe now.  Please watch an excellent series of short videos produced by Gary Null: GMO Ticking Time Bomb.    Here is the link for the first video.  Here is the link for number 2.

If you are a voter California, please vote “yes”  on Proposition 37 on Nov 6.  If you have concerns based on the TV and radio ads against it, see my previous blog for responses to those statements.

We do not need to be victims.  We can be healthy and vibrant.  That requires being informed and taking appropriate action.

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