Flu Vaccines Are Not The Panacea As Stated

An article from the University of Minnesota states that flu vaccines are not as effective as we have been told.  Frankly, I don’t recommend them at all for two reasons.  The first is that we don’t know what else is in the vaccine.  Vaccines are notorious for containing “inert” ingredients that may actually be toxic, like formaldehyde, as well as containing other organisms – bacteria as well as viruses – that companies don’t bother with.  Secondly, when a person lives a healthy life style and keeps on hand remedies to treat the flu, they commonly don’t get sick or get only a mild case.

With the cold weather coming, now is the time to get ready for flu season.

So what can you do for prevention?  1. Get enough sleep!  8 or 9 hours per night is not too much.  2. Eat healthfully: this means a diet with lots of vegetables, some fruit, whole (non-GMO) grain, free-range pasture-fed meats and wild caught fish, no or only rarely sugars.  Minimal alcohol.  3. Modest and regular exercise. 4. Broad nutritional supplementation:  a high quality multivitamin-mineral, extra vitamin C, high quality fish oil and/or plant oil.  5. Have available probiotics, elderberry in some form, Humacel, Oscillococcinum, high quality echinacea and/or olive leaf extract.  The latter three can be used on a regular basis for prevention.  6.  Wash your hands, especially after touching door handles, shaking hands with others and  handling money.   Washing is better than using the antibiotic gels that are available which contain hormone-disrupting chemicals.  7.  If you feel yourself coming down with “a bug,”  get extra sleep, take extra vitamin C (to bowel tolerance), extra zinc (50 to 75mg per day for 3 days), extra vitamin A (50,000 to 100,000iu’s per day, though not if you are pregnant), and be extra cautious about your diet.

Best wishes for a healthy holiday season and winter.

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