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Our Children: Second-Class Citizens

We can begin to take action to protect us. Just because some people – the chemical industry in this case – are willing to throw away our children does not mean we have to accept that. Continue reading

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Chemtrails and Vitamin D Deficiency: Is There A Connection?

There is a world-wide vitamin D deficiency.  Doctors from Europe and Asia, as well as our United States, have reported and are studying a major decrease is blood vitamin D levels in the general population, including children as well as … Continue reading

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Monsanto Continues To Be Up to Its Selfish Tricks

Congress Is Back. And So Is Monsanto’s Sneak Attack. According to “Organic Bytes” Monsanto is trying to pass a bill in Congress that would grant it immunity from the law.  Monsanto has become dangerous because until recently we have not … Continue reading

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