Chemtrails and Vitamin D Deficiency: Is There A Connection?

There is a world-wide vitamin D deficiency.  Doctors from Europe and Asia, as well as our United States, have reported and are studying a major decrease is blood vitamin D levels in the general population, including children as well as adults.  A study in the Archives of Internal Medicine, Arch Intern Med. 2009;169(6):626-632, found a doubling of low vitamin D levels occurred from a population studied from 1988-1994 versus the population from 2001–2004.  This is very serious as Vitamin D is essential for a healthy immune system.  Deficiency is associated with increased rates of cancer, multiple sclerosis, and even all-causes of death.  Why has the epidemic occurred?  We derive our vitamin D from sunlight.  The body converts the light hitting our skin into Vitamin D.  Some theories include increased pollution, increased use of sun screens, people spending more time indoors on their videogames and cell phones, and other ideas.  Yet frequently I have patients who spend a lot of time outdoors, in sunny southern California, and even they also have vitamin D deficiency.

Enter the mysterious world of Chemtrails.  What are these?  Don’t I mean contrails?  Chemtrails are the patterns of lines that remain in the sky after a plane spray – releases chemicals of some sort.  One can see patterns of lines, some parallel, some criss-crossing, that remain much longer in the sky than the normal contrail exhaust lines from jet planes.  There is speculation that these chemtrails contain chemicals, biological agents, heavy metals, or who knows what.  There are many reports of people noting that they become sick, especially with respiratory and eye problems, during chemtrail spraying.  Reports of chemtrails come from many countries including most states in the United States and several countries in Europe.  One theory I heard is that chemtrails were designed to reflect the sun’s light in order to reduce the atmospheric temperature.  Nobody knows for sure and no government is admitting to the program.  Yet the sitings of these lines of white trails in the sky continue.  When did Chemtrails begin?  As far as we know, in 1998 or 1999, and possibly before that.

What a coincidence!  Chemtrails began a few years before we noticed the increasing epidemic of vitamin D deficiency.  If there really is such a program as chemtrails (I personally have seen them many times over the skies of Los Angeles and over other cities in the U.S.), and if they contain particles that reflect sunlight, maybe the chemtrails are acting as a barrier so that we are receiving less sunlight and thus are becoming vitamin D deficient.  After a while, on a sunny day, one sees the chemtrails gradually dissipate.  The sun shines again.  Perhaps, however, the tiny particles of whatever is sprayed by the chemtrail airplanes are enough to keep us from getting our necessary “dose” of sunlight.  My guess is this was not the intended consequence of the chemtrails program.  However, it certainly would be a very dangerous one, if this theory is correct.

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