Our Children: Second-Class Citizens

 White House stalls critical EPA report highlighting chemical dangers to children


The title says it all.  This EPA report discusses the myriad of studies describing the deleterious and damaging results of chemical pollutant exposures on our children in this country.  The government has known about this for several years now yet has catered to the concerns of the chemical industry.  There has been no release of this information because that is what the chemical industry wants.  What would the public do if we had this information?  Perhaps we would demand further testing of chemicals before they are let loose on our society.  Perhaps we would demand a whole restructuring of our insane value system that puts money ahead of the health of our children.  One possible result of this situation: the autism epidemic.  And epidemic is the correct word here.  Or how about the cancer epidemic.  One in two people will develop cancer.  Which 50% do you want to be in? I can tell you that many people are so concerned about their health that they are doing everything in their power to stay healthy.  Yet look at the obstacles set up for us by our society.  We are not even allowed to learn what should be public knowledge, yet is hidden from us because the big boys don’t want us to know.

Write your congress people and the president.  Let them know that we want the release of this report.  We want to know what is threatening our children and all of us.  Then we can begin to take action to protect us.  Just because some people – the chemical industry in this case – are willing to throw away our children does not mean we have to accept that.

Additionally, learn how to improve your health amidst the onslaught of toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis.  Look into natural alternative medicine and consult holistic practitioners about the many safe ways to support your body and to detoxify the toxins.  If you or a loved one is suffering from some of the common ailments try the alternative and safe approaches first.  For example, consider the alternative treatment for attention deficit disorder instead of drugs, get a gluten intolerance test so valid with any disorder, and begin a candida treatment.  Addressing health issues from a holistic paradigm can improve relieve symptoms effectively without causing side effects. Also, by addressing the body in a supportive way, I believe this can also prevent other illnesses that might have otherwise arisen.

Wishing you good health in 2013.

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