Organic or Not?

Many of my patients have asked me lately why buying organic food is so important?  I hear: “Jeepers doc, it is so much more expensive!  Besides, studies show that organic food is no better than regular food in terms of nutritional value.”  Is organic food really better?  Is organic food worth all that extra money?

YES.  That is the short answer.  Consider two key factors about organic food.

The first big difference is that organic food does not have all the pesticides and fungicides and herbicides in and on it that are found in non-organic food.  Why is this important?  Pesticides and fungicides and herbicides are chemicals designed to kill.  In this case ostensibly they are designed to kill insects and weeds and molds that “attack” the food.  That means these chemicals are poisons.  These poisons are poisons for us humans as well. They don’t kill us directly (though if we were to drink them or eat them straight on they would).  Rather we “just” get ill from them.  Scientific studies show pesticides are associated with increased risk of Parkinson’s disease, infertility, cancers, lowered IQ in children, and are suspected as being major factors for those on the Autism Spectrum.

If those problems are not enough, organic foods are not supposed to contain any genetically-modified organisms.  For those of you who wonder about genetically-modified foods, recent research associates GM foods with kidney and liver damage as well as infertility, increased risks of cancer, and increased incidence of allergies.

These are the reasons we know so far about why choosing organic foods is wiser.  And when you wonder about the expense, consider the long-term investment in your health.  A few dollars now may save you thousands of dollars in health expenditures later – even with the new government health plan.  Besides, isn’t your well-being worth it?   Your good health now and  healthy aging later, ie feeling well, is priceless.

To your health…

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