The Fluoride Scandal: Is Fluoride Also Killing Us?

Dr. David Kennedy has been a leader in biological dentistry for many years.  His recently released documentary, FLUORIDEGATE a Documentary, is free and worth watching.  The movie presents compelling scientific information about why we should NOT be fluoridating our water.  Do you wonder about the epidemic of kidney and liver disease in our country, as an example?  GMO’s are not the only reason.  Fluoridation began decades earlier.  Fluoride is a carcinogen.  Fluoride is probably as toxic as lead (there is NO SAFE LEVEL for lead in our bodies).  Yet our governments insist upon putting this trash (fluoride is a waste product of phosphate manufacturing) into our water supply.

Simple water filters do not filter out all the fluoride.  This makes the problem even bigger because many people mistakenly believe their simple water filter is protecting them.

Watch this film. Then write your city, state and federal representatives, repeatedly, that you want the fluoride removed from your water.  We need to be proactive, not rely on government to watch out for our health.

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