Shedding Light on the Light Fixture Danger

Those snazzy spiral fluorescent bulbs that have been mandated upon us apparently are more dangerous than we thought.  They are a part of the “green” revolution, ie, ways for us to be more energy efficient.  While I am all in favor of that, too often we rush ahead without fully testing the effects of our edicts.  This is one case in point.  According to the information from the Alliance for Natural Health, the new bulbs are a threat to our health because they emit UV radiation and because, if broken, they expose us to high levels of mercury vapor.

It seems to me that we need to take two actions here.  Please read the article and sign the petition.  Be aware of the potential dangers from these light bulbs.  Here is an opportunity for Congress to show emotional maturity by admitting that we should not mandate the removal of the old form of light bulb so quickly.  Perhaps we rushed ahead too fast.  Let us admit our error, allow the old light bulb form to continue to be available, and keep our options open.

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