Much Ado About Milk

My patients know that I am a firm believer in not drinking milk, other than as an infant and the source is one’s mother’s breast milk.  As one of my colleagues so aptly put it many years ago, “milk is for calves and I have not seen a human who looked like a calf.” Why such vehemence against milk?  It is one of the most allergenic foods around.  It is a major source of post nasal drip in people.  And, especially if it is not organic, it is the concentrate of whatever has been fed the cow, namely antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, and who knows what else.  Having said this, there are people who do ok with raw cow’s milk which at least contains the enzymes and nutrients natural to the milk.  Contrary to what the raw milk folks say, I find there are still many people who do not tolerate raw cow’s milk.  Be that as it may, if a person is going to use any dairy product, at least it should be organic.

As if this isn’t enough, guess what is being put in the milk that children are drinking in school.  Remember, the American Dairy Association has made certain that people believe they are not being well fed if they don’t get their milk every day.  Besides, milk builds strong bones, right? Wrong!  There are many countries where the residents don’t drink milk at all, and they have very strong bones because exercise is an important part of their lives.  They also don’t eat lots of sugar or soda pop or junky carbs.  In contrast, we drink more milk per capita than most countries and we have a higher rate of osteoporosis than most countries.  So much for that piece of misleading advertising.

Dairy Industry Tries to Hide Artificial Sweeteners in School Lunches

Thanks to the Alliance for Natural Health, we now are informed that artificial sweeteners are being used in the flavored kinds of milk (I bet those are the preferred kind.  I know I wanted chocolate milk when I was a kid.) provided for children in schools across the country.  Aspartame is certainly not healthy for children.  It seems to be a carcinogen.  It also is an excitotoxin, meaning it upsets brain function.  Here we are trying to give children food so that they can learn in school, yet the food we are providing is filled with chemicals that are going to impair their ability to learn.

And to top it all off, the dairy industry wants to remove from the label the information that the aspartame is in the milk.

Please at least read this brief article, and then sign onto the petition requesting that such important information not be deleted from the label.

A wise man said to me many years ago “Freedom is not free.”  We must be diligent about what we expose ourselves to, what companies are doing that affects our health and well-being, and what the government proposes in order to “protect” us.  Thank you to organizations like ANH-USA for keeping us informed.

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