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Thanks again to Dr. Mercola, there is an excellent brief video about the dangers of Flouridated Water.  Fluoride is a byproduct of industrial processes.  It is not meant for human consumption.  We can obtain very adequate amounts of fluoride from a healthy diet.

Supposedly fluoride is added to strengthen our teeth.  Tell that to the majority of the earth’s countries which do not add fluoride.  Is there something they know that we don’t?  “You betcha!”  Fluoride contributes to dental fluorosis or mottled staining of the teeth.  The percentage of this has increase to include almost 1/2 of the young population in our country now since fluoride was added in the 1940’s to the water supply in most of our cities.  Some scientists are concerned fluoride is also associated with thyroid dysfunction and even with certain cancers.  And, if that is not enough, it does not work.  Studies show that there is no significant difference in the amount of tooth decay whether populations drink fluoridated water or not.

The residents of Portland are being asked to fluoridate their water.  If you know anyone who lives there, let them know about Dr. Mercola’s video.  If you don’t live in Portland, filter your water so that you don’t have to imbibe the fluoride, or buy filtered water for drinking and cooking.  The average carbon filter does not filter it all out.  Reverse osmosis does as does distillation.  Imagine having to go to so much trouble and expense to have to remove a toxin from the water that was not there in the first place.  Some people’s priorities are questionable.

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