Food Allergies Are a Serious Issue for Many People

Dr. David Brownstein is an internationally recognized alternative physician who has written user-friendly books on several topics.  I am referring you to his blog about food allergies to reinforce what I have been saying and practicing for years, namely, any symptom might be the result of a food allergy (or a reaction to something else in the environment like chemicals, inhalants, pollens, mold, etc.).  I myself have suffered from migraine headaches, restless leg syndrome, and insomnia which were all alleviated when I discovered to what foods I was allergic. People can test for these sensitivities using several methods.  One is basically avoiding the food, then waiting 3 or 4 days to test the food by eating a lot of it.  If you are sensitive to the food, your symptoms will be bigger than ever.  This is because the avoidance period unmasks what the person’s reaction really is.    While this method works, I caution you not to use it if you have a serious illness like asthma or seizures.

Other methods include muscle testing, blood tests, and electrodermal testing.  While muscle testing is often useful as a quick screen, there is often so much subjectivity that the result is questionable.  While I find practitioners of holistic alternative medicine are more likely to order the tests, many doctors are now recognizing the significance of food allergies and are willing to order tests for their patients.

Food allergy testing can quickly and safely let you know which foods are affecting you.  The results can be surprising.  “I didn’t think I was sensitive to those foods” is a common refrain.  I like the electrodermal testing I do in my office (using an FDA-registered biofeedback device) because it is a quick screen and I can see, in real time,  what remedies might alleviate the sensitivity or which foods really need to be avoided.

If you have more questions about whether food allergies are an issue for you, check out Dr. Brownstein’s book.  I am also available for consultations.

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