Congressional Bill to Label GM Foods: Now Is Our Chance!

Senator Barbara Boxer and Congressman Peter DeFazio have sponsored federal legislation (yes – federal!) to label genetically modified foods. See this notice from the Center for Food Safety.  Here is our chance to support this legislation.  Now is the time to write your senators and your congresspeople to support this bill.  64 other countries already require this.  The United States purports to be a leader amongst nations.  With this issue we have really been negligent in letting the big companies destroy our food.  Everybody: write your representatives.

In case you have forgotten, animal studies show that GM foods contribute to allergies and affect the immune and endocrine systems as well as contributing to cancer and premature death.  The American Academy for Environmental Medicine has recommended that ALL doctors (my emphasis) advise their patients to avoid GM foods.  Patients who have done so have commonly found their symptoms diminish if not go away all together.  Farmers are finding the GM foods are greatly reducing the reproductive capacity of their herds.  Have you noticed that there is a fertility problem increasing in humans across the earth.  Look at how many more fertility clinics have opened.  GM foods are a disaster for humans and animals alike, now and for future generations.

Please click on the link and inform your legislators.  Also, let everyone else know.

For your health and the health of future generations, thank you.

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