“Have We Been Conned About Cholesterol?”

Statin Nation: The Great Cholesterol Cover-Up”  is a documentary about how we have been misled about the importance of statin drugs and the lowering of cholesterol.  As pointed out in the movie, it is very costly for pharmaceutical companies to find successful new products.  It is far more lucrative for them to get their already-approved products to become popularly prescribed.  The cholesterol story fits in this picture.

cholesterol photo

People feel so strongly about the importance of “low cholesterol” (a dangerous idea) that when I have told them that we need our cholesterol they have a hard time believing me. Cholesterol is essential for us to produce neurotransmitters and hormones.  The body seems to produce more of it to protect us when inflammation is present.  The amount of cholesterol that is present is not as significant as the total amount that is oxidized. (Blood test: lipid peroxides)

Life style practices seem to be much more important in determining heart disease than “cholesterol.”  We wish a pill could take care of all of our problems.  Sorry, that is for fairy tales.  What we eat, drink, how much exercise we get, how much sleep we get and how we manage stress are the key ingredients.

For those who, nevertheless, wish to consult someone about their cholesterol, I recommend holistic practitioners and alternative medicine doctors familiar with holistic treatments.  For example, through food allergy testing, a patient of mine dropped her cholesterol by 50 points just from eliminating wheat products from her diet.  By the way, she also dropped 10 pounds she had been trying to “lose” for many years.

Yet again, the bigger picture with more facts and view points will assist us in the decisions we make for our health.

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