Monsanto is above the law…?

By now I am sure the sophisticated readers of my blog know that Congress passed a bill that puts Monsanto above the law.  Even if there are court decisions stating that Monsanto cannot sell their seed, this law says Monsanto does not have to worry and can still go ahead and sell their products.

If you are saying “huh?” now, that would be quite appropriate.  I need say no more, just watch this youtube video of John Stewart’s comments about this.

By the way, I and many thousands of people wrote our Congressional representatives to tell them we did not want this bill passed.  Apparently, we were not vehement enough.  Nevertheless, Congress has no excuse (this seems to be a common topic these days) to say they were not aware of this inclusion in the bill.

As a wise friend of mine told me years ago, “freedom is not free.”  It takes a lot of caring and involvement.

Obviously, the battle is not over.  And I am sorry that it must be described as a battle because there are people and companies who want to take away my/our freedom.  This includes our freedom to choose to be healthy and to live healthy lifestyles.

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