GMO’s: Not Compatible with Our Survival

My job as a physician is supporting people to become healthier and stronger in order that they may enjoy life more and meet the challenges inherent in living.  This is why I am so vehemently against the movement by the big agriculture companies to force genetically modified (GM) foods on us.  Know that there is ample data to show that the foods are not at all innocuous, that they are associated with severe illnesses over long duration, and that they are threatening our very food supply.  If the latter seems like a gross generalization, please note the appearance of GM plants found in fields of crops that were not planted as GM.  This means that the seeds are floating onto other fields.  There is also concern about how the GM crops are modifying our human physiology, eg modifying our own internal bacteria so that we could become our own pesticide factory.  Pesticides are associated with debilitating and terminal illnesses like Parkinson’s and cancer.

Additionally, as stated in “GMO (alfalfa) – The End Game” another huge concern with GMO foods is the attempt at monopolizing what is available to us.  More important than an aesthetic choice is the concern about bio-diversity.  As our climates change, we must have crops that can adjust and change as well.  A wide variety of crops provides opportunity for viable crops to change in order to adjust to new environments.  Without this diversity we could end up with all our staples being wiped out.  Whether we look at one organism, like our body, or at the whole ecology, flexibility has been the chief requirement for continued survival.  This requires many different people being able to grow and tend to our food supply and to our home, the earth.

I am seeing increasing numbers of young people with nasty illnesses like tics, autism, or terrible eczema and asthma.  I am seeing increasing numbers of adults who are trying to be healthy but they keep getting debilitating bronchitis or even pneumonia and must miss work to recover, only to find themselves sick again next month.  How much are these people, our neighbors, our loved ones, being harmed by GM foods?

Check out this short film GMO (alfalfa) – The End Game.  And if you have not yet seen Genetic Roulette, the movie, that is a must see because it is full of valuable information and explanations.

What can we do as individuals?

  1. The most important step to take is to stop buying GM foods.  Insist upon organic or foods that have been certified as non-GMO.
  2. Tell your friends about your concerns, educate them about the importance of not-buying GM foods.
  3. Write your state legislative representatives telling them you want to know what you are eating; you want the state to insist that GM foods be labeled so that you don’t have to buy them.
  4. Support organizations that are focusing on this issue.

This struggle involves and affects all of us and our future generations.

To our health…

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