Help Say “No” to Monsanto

 How Genetically Engineered Foods Will Be Eradicated

Thank you to Dr. Joe Mercola for walking his talk!  He is supporting the proposition in the state of Washington that would require labeling genetically modified foods (GM foods). His latest article contains an interview with Jeffrey Smith from the Institute for Responsible Technology about the growth of the non-GMO food movement in this country.  The progress of the movement against GMO’s is a result of the public’s learning about all of the problems associated with them.   They are voting with their pocketbooks, and stores and food companies are taking notice.

This article also summarizes the main concerns about GMO foods and provides an excellent brief video at the end to educate and request support for the Washington proposition.

One of the points made in the video is about the detrimental effects of glyphosate, the herbicide from Monsanto from which GM crops are created to tolerate.  While the big pesticide producers, including Monsanto, say glyphosate is safe in humans, increasing evidence shows that it destroys the soil which affects future plant growth, is resulting in the growth of superweeds and superpests, is requiring more, not less, pesticide use, and is damaging for humans as well.  Why is it bad for us?  Glyphosate inhibits proper functioning of certain enzymes in bacteria.  We contain those enzymes as well.  More importantly, we require those healthy bacteria in our gut and on our skin for survival.   These bacteria help us fight off infection, help us create the vitamins that we use and help us digest our food just to name a few of the benefits.  This is why we have 10 times as many bacteria in our gut as we have cells in our body.  You read that correctly.  We have many times as many bacteria as we have cells.  Nature would not set this up unless we needed them.  Glyphosate damages these bacteria and kills them.

How interesting then that there is a new documentary called The Disappearing Male which is free for viewing currently.  This feature points out that fertility rates are falling all over the earth.  Young men have significantly reduced sperm counts and reduced mobility of the sperm they produce.  More and more male baby boys are being born with abnormalities of their genitals.  Why?  This all seems to be connected to all the pesticides and toxins to which we are exposed.  Not mentioned in the movie is the increasing concern that these chemicals are also associated with the epidemic of autism and ADD, or attention deficit disorder, that millions of boys, in particular, are suffering.

More than 80,000 new chemicals have been produced since World War II.  Yet few of them have been tested for safety.

The bottom line here: if we don’t stop GM foods and the companies that produce them, and we don’t insist that new chemicals be tested for safety before foisting them onto the public, the human race will not survive and this earth will be very different from what we call “home” today.

For your health and for all of us:  1. Buy only non-GMO foods.   2. Buy only organic or sustainable produce.  3.  Let your legislators know that you want to protect your right to know what is in the food you buy, that you want GM foods to be labeled.  4.  Support the Washington proposition for the labeling of GM foods.  5. Learn about the potential toxins in our environment and purposely purchase products that are safer.

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