Goodbye to “Got Milk?”

Iconic ‘Got Milk?’ tagline replaced

Apparently, the “Got Milk?” advertising campaign, developed in an attempt to convince the public that milk must be a part of everyone’s diet, is being dumped. When I was growing up, the message was loud and clear that in order to be big and strong one was supposed to drink milk every day.

When I became an alternative physician I learned what drinking milk really meant. One of

you are not a calf

you are not a calf

my mentors pointed out that cow’s milk is meant for calves, and I don’t look like one.  I still use that line with my patients.

Everything a cow eats gets concentrated in the produced milk. Now cow’s milk is full of antibiotics, pesticides, and other chemicals to which the cows have been exposed.  In addition, most cows are fed genetically-modified grains.  That means you are exposed to the detrimental effects of all of these when you drink milk.  Additionally, many people of western European descent do not tolerate well the form of casein that is in cow’s milk.

In addition, milk is one of the most allergenic foods available to us.  Many proteins in milk can cause allergy.  Milk is also is an amazing mucus producer. If you meet someone complaining of post nasal drip, chances are great that person drinks milk.  Other symptoms also might result from milk sensitivities.  For example, a woman patient had recurrent diarrhea. We suspected her frequent milk-drinking could be the cause. When she stopped drinking milk, her diarrhea stopped.

Raw milk is not included in this discussion although for most of my patients I also don’t recommend it. Most people drink homogenized and pasteurized milk in which much of the nutritional value (the enzymes) has been cooked out of it.

Also, yogurt and kefir have an advantage over regular milk in that they are fermented and thus contain beneficial bacteria.

If you are not sensitive to milk and do not have lactose intolerance, organic milk can be used in cooking.

In summary:  Don’t drink milk.  If you use cow dairy products, be sure they are organic.

Too bad. I thought many of the “Got Milk?” ads were quite clever.

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