Back Pain: Is A Painkiller Your Best Answer?

Recently two women came to me on the same day complaining of back pain.  One was so uncomfortable she was bent over, like the letter “C,”  and could not straighten her back.  This had been going on for several days.  A painkiller (nonsteroidal, or NSAID for short) helped a little,but she was exhausted from difficulty sleeping.  The second woman had been experiencing pain for a few weeks in her lower left back which also affected her left leg.  She had been to her chiropractor and her acupuncturist without much benefit.  Pain pills helped only a little.  shutterstock_179897288.jpg back pain

Back pain is one of the most common ailments in adults and is the second most common reason people go to their doctor.  It has been estimated that 60% to 80% of the adult population complains of back pain at some point  That is a lot of pain!

The first woman’s pain came on gradually, but when she bent over to pick up something from the floor, the back pain fully flared and she could not straighten up without major discomfort.  What was causing her pain?  She had no known injury of her back.  She slept on an adequate mattress.  In fact, she bought mattress which helped temporarily, but the pain returned.  She tried sleeping on her back with her legs elevated on pillows.  This also helped some, yet the pain returned.  Her evaluation revealed three main issues.   First, this woman was eating pork almost every day in home-made soups.  She knew from past experience that she was sensitive to pork but she loved the taste of her soup with pork. Her previous reaction to pork was diarrhea, but she was not experiencing diarrhea this time.

The second issue for this woman was that three of her friends were very ill.  This woman is in her early 70’s and she was facing the upcoming loss of her friends.  Third, her friends’ illneses raised the issue of her mortality.  Discussion with her about this topic revealed the extent of sadness and fear she was feeling.

Her treatment consisted of strengthening her nervous system with Quantum Neurology®, a prescription for a homeopathic for her sadness and a promise that she was going to stop eating pork!  It was as if her body was telling her to listen to the distress it experienced from pork showed her in much stronger terms that this food does not agree with her.  I have found pain to be a wonderful motivator.  She agreed to stop eating pork forever.  After the session, she felt much better, and she could straighten her back.  By the next day, after one more session, the pain was gone.  Her response?  “Thank Goodness!!”

The second woman complained of the pain in her low back and down her left leg which felt “achy” from her drive to the office.  She responded well to the Quantum Neurology® treatment.  Also we evaluated her supplements and found one that did not agree with her.  I explained that no matter the benefits a supplement might offer, there is not one that is right for everybody because we are each so different.  Her report the next day: much better.  Her leg stopped hurting even throughout her long drive home.

What are the lessons here?  Back pain can have many causes.  The causes include emotional issues, allergies to foods, chemicals or inhalants, weaknesses in the nervous system leading to misalignments in the body, poor posture, unsupportive mattress, injury and even improper shoes..

The proper evaluation and treatments can alleviate the pain and eliminate potential side effects from medications or even surgery.



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