What Are the Big Food Companies Afraid Of?


As stated in this PRI The World article, “GMO lobbying is a booming business as labeling laws increase.  “The big food companies are spending more and more money to ensure that genetically modified foods NOT be labeled.  They don’t want us to know.  Why?  Because if they were acting ethically, they would have to let people really choose between non-GMO and GMO foods.  They would have to consider seriously the implications of all of the animal studies suggesting genetically-modified foods might be harmful to our health.

There is enough concern that 64, yes, sixty-four countries now require labeling.  Here is the current list: Labeling Around The World.  I find it striking that the list contains countries of such diverse political philosophy, yet they are all concerned about genetically-modified foods.  What do they know that we don’t?

For those of you who want to read one evaluation of the effects of GM farming on the farmers and the questions raised by the way GM crops are presented to farmers, I recommend this one from India: Failure of Monsanto Bt Cotton .  It is not only the locals who are being affected by these crops; all of us are.

If you want to know about the foods you are eating, you can check out the site of Verified non GMO Project.

Until we can be sure, I recommend non-GMO labeled foods or organic.  Also, encourage your friends and colleagues in Colorado and Oregon to vote for the labeling of foods.

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