You Still Think GMO’s are Safe?

Dr. Don Huber is an award-winning, international scientist and professor emeritus of plant pathology at Purdue University.  In this interview he describes how glyphosate (the active ingredient in Round Up herbicide) works, how it is damaging plants systemically and reducing their yield. He also describes how the result of this is dangerous for the environment and damaging to our ecology, especially to our children.  The glyphosate kills the beneficial bacteria and binds the minerals in the soil.  The result is the plant is no longer a source of nutrition. 

Additionally, glyphosate is also considered to be an antibiotic.  GMO stampThe problem with this aspect is that before it kills any harmful bacteria, it has already killed the beneficial ones.

Dr. Huber explains in a way that a non-scientist can understand why these effects of glyphosate are contributing to colony collapse disorder, ie the death of whole colonies of bees as well as the threat to our children and to all of us.  Scientific research has found glyphosate levels in breast milk at levels that suggest we are accumulating the chemical in our bodies.  These levels are more than enough to kill our own beneficial bacteria.  Thus the glyphosate is more like DDT than cyanide.

This is not the time to hide your head in the sand. Educate yourself.  Take the time to listen to this interview.  Let others know about this.  If you can, please donate to           Food Integrity Now as a thank you for making so much valuable information available.

If these products were so safe, why would the companies producing the genetically modified chemicals and plants fight against scientific studies of them?.  Why would they mount millions of dollars against efforts to label these foods?

As a physician, I recommend that each of us focus on eating as few genetically-modified foods as possible.

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