Endocrine Disruptor in Nail Polish Gets Absorbed By women’s bodies

There is Danger in those Beautiful Nails                  

Environmental Working Group, which provides valuable information about chemicals and their effects on our health, has noted a study done by Duke University that we women who put on nail polish need to note.

The chemical involved, TPFshutterstock_115405120 (1)P (short for triphenyl phosphate), was found in each of the volunteer subjects who applied nail polish.

So what, you say?  Here is what EWG says:  “These results are troubling because a growing body of scientific data from other studies indicates that TPHP causes endocrine disruption, meaning that it interferes with normal hormone functioning. In animal studies, it has caused reproductive and developmental irregularities.”

While it is unclear how many nail polishes contain the chemical, EWG notes that almost one-half of the nail polish products they have evaluated reported they contain THFP.

I have many women who complain of irregular periods.  I will now check each of them for the nail polish she wears.

Which polishes are ok?  EWG says on their website that they hope to let you know soon.

In the meantime, consider this chemical and all the other chemicals involved in wearing nail polish.  Consider wearing it only if you need to for work or for a most formal occasion.

If you use nail polish regularly, be sure you are eating a healthy diet and taking supplements that support your detoxification systems.  Of course, that is my standard recommendation.  Our environment has become so polluted we need to have our detoxifying abilities to be at their maximum.

User’s guide to cosmetic ingredient safety

Best wishes for a healthy holiday season and 2016.

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