Guess the substance? Guess the addiction?

A patient of mine, we’ll call her Jane, described the following process.  She had many questionmark-charactersymptoms that not only aggravated her, they also scared her.  She was worried she was deteriorating very rapidly.

Here were her symptoms:  Poor energy and stamina: she did not feel refreshed after a full night’s sleep and had an afternoon slump. Her hip joints became painful and stiff over the past year to the point where she limped.  Additionally, her balance was tenuous.  She considered buying a cane to stabilize herself.  Her skin became increasingly dry and wrinkled.  Her posture required effort.  While normally a happy person, she found her mood to dip and stay low days on end.  Her heart beat irregularly.  At times it was absolutely thundering, so much that she thought others might be able to hear it.

What happened then?

cup-of-coffeeJane was the first person to arrive at work in the morning, so she made the coffee.  She would bring coffee to work and then home on Friday for the weekend.  On Monday morning, she realized that she had forgotten the coffee at home.  Panic!!  She would have run over to Starbucks but she was covering the office.  Tea just would not do!  What could she do?  Then Jane remembered that one of her bosses only drank hot water.  Jane heated up water and drank it.  Surprise!  The plain hot water was very comforting (to quote Jane: “think of a hug for your insides.”)  She was very thirsty that day and kept drinking the hot water.

Jane stopped the coffee and substituted hot water.  After 5 days her over-stimulated brain calmed, her hip pain improved by 75% and she had more energy.  After 2 weeks, she awakened refreshed and no longer had an afternoon slump.  “My energy is through the roof” for the first time in a long time.

Now she could climb stairs easily.  Her balance was back in full force.  Jane found her good posture to be effortless.  Her happy mood returned.  After 3 weeks, no more pounding heart!

Jane felt great.

Jane is very lucky.  She did not experience headaches.  She did comment though that she never would have considered having a day without coffee, yet she changed.  Her final retort? “I will never touch the stuff again.  I feel too great.”

What are you drinking or eating that you believe you cannot live without?   You also might be pleasantly surprised at how well you feel when you stop it.  If you are wondering what food it is, consider an appointment at the Lippman Center where we screen for allergies, infections, toxicities, and deficiencies.  310-289-8430

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