Eat Your Veggies!

The Week magazine, March 17, 2017 has an article in the “Health and Science” section about one of my favorite topics.  The article is entitled “Eat produce, live longer.”  Research at the Imperial College London which analyzed 95 studies on diet suggested that we are not eating enough fruit and vegetables, even by the World Health Organization Standards.  We should be eating 10 portions of fruit and vegetables per day – and I recommend more vegetables than fruit.  The results are quite impressive.  Those who ate 28 ounces of fresh produce were associated with the following: “33% reduced risk of stroke, 13% drop in cancer risk, and 31% lower risk for premature death.”  What could be easier and still healthful?   

On a different note but related, the Los Angeles Times  January 15, 2017 has an article entitled “Just a little sugar may be too much” written by Gary Taubes.  It addresses the concern that eating too much sugar can cause a person to suffer from “metabolic syndrome” (ie increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol or triglycerides and increased fat around the middle). This syndrome plays a role in many of the chronic diseases from which we are now suffering.  These include obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and dementia as the article notes.  The problem is how much is too much of the main sugars which are cane sugar and high fructose corn syrup.  Is “in moderation” ok?  Or is only 5% of your diet ok?  We don’t know.  Yet it is estimated that every man, woman and child in the United States eats more than 150 pounds  of sugar per year.  What a shocking statistic!

Here are two keys to good health.  When you want something sweet, eat a piece of fresh fruit.  Secondly, eat lots of vegetables along with your protein.  Your body will thank you.

If you want to find out which fruits and vegetables and yes, which sugars work for you, make an appointment.

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