Sugar: The Betrayer

I often post about the problems with eating sugar, especially white cane sugar used in processed foods.  Sugar is an addictive substance and can be very hard to stop cold turkey. Recently, two of my patients stopped eating sugar. To their amazement, they feel much better.  Their stories are quite telling. glass of sugar cubes

The first is a woman in her 40’s. She stopped eating sugar and for the first two weeks, she was irritable and extremely short-tempered.  No more waffles with a mountain of whipped cream.  No more danish for breakfast. No more Starbucks with sweet flavorings. She was rageful with a short fuse. She wondered if kicking heroin was similar. She persevered through these changes, and by the third week she noticed she was sleeping better. An old injury stopped throbbing. She had more energy in the afternoon. Her mood became sunny. Problem-solving at work became easier.

The second patient is a 70-year-old woman. After the first week of eating no sugar at all, she felt renewed.  Her joints stopped hurting. Her brain fog lifted.  Her lower back pain went away. She had more sustained energy. Sleep became wonderful. Her balance in standing and walking improved. The improvement in balance alone is especially important for her safety.

What stands out about these two testimonials is that their sugar habit was suppressing their optimal health.

Are you contemplating stopping sugar and then saying “not now,” or “maybe after that birthday party?” Consider how important your health and your mood are as an incentive for starting today to avoid sugar. Do you have a story? I would be interested to hear your experience.

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