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Why Do We Have Symptoms?

As that famous writer Anonymous said: “If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?” Continue reading

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A Summer Caution

Ah, the days of summer and the enjoyment of a cool dip in the pool.  However, where are you swimming and what is in that pool or hot tub?  If it is a public swimming pool, you need to be … Continue reading

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Aging Healthfully II

Reduce inflammation and increase your health and longevity potential. Continue reading

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Goodbye to “Got Milk?”

In summary then: don’t drink milk. If you are going to use cow dairy products, be sure they are organic. Continue reading

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Candida: a disease and a symptom

We can only be as healthy as our gastro-intestinal tract. Continue reading

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More Children are Suffering Major Illness

Dramatic Increase in Hospitalization of US Children With Inflammatory Bowel Disease Continue reading

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Reflux Revisited

Proton pump inhibitor drugs (affectionately known as PPI’s) are prescribed for “acid reflux” disorder. Common symptoms include heartburn or chronic cough.  Unfortunately, the assumption is made that the person is producing too much hydrochloric acid.  Most doctors do not test … Continue reading

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