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What Are the Big Food Companies Afraid Of?

“The big food companies are spending more and more money to ensure that genetically modified foods NOT be labeled. They don’t want us to know. Continue reading

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“Holistic” Approaches Do Work

“Combating osteoarthritis requires…lifestyle changes in physical activity and diet.” Continue reading

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No Need to Wonder Anymore Why So Many Have Low Thyroid

This means that the toxins found in the lining of cans, in the lining of baby bottles, on copy paper of you credit card printout, in your cosmetics, in plastics, etc. very likely are contributing to the surge in hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone) in the population. Continue reading

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Does Fish Oil Cause Prostate Cancer?

A recent study quoted in the Daily Mail purports that taking fish oils may increase the risk of aggressive prostate cancer.  I have received a number of inquiries from my patients about this study, so I decided it was time … Continue reading

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“Have We Been Conned About Cholesterol?”

People feel so strongly about the importance of “low cholesterol” (a dangerous idea) that when I have told them that we need our cholesterol they have a hard time believing me. Continue reading

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California Safe Schools: A Groundbreaking Organization

I am honored to have received the California Safe Schools 2013 Environmental Health Champion recognition.  The ceremony at Euclid Elementary school last Friday honored three others who have contributed their efforts and energy to the community.  The organization acknowledged my … Continue reading

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Food Allergies Are a Serious Issue for Many People

Any symptom might be the result of a food allergy or sensitivities, test for these sensitivities can assure you to avoid kind of food to release from symptom without taking medicine. Continue reading

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Integrated Pest Management (IPM) believes in careful prevention and exclusion. With this at Los Angeles Unified School District they use right amount of pesticides to reduced risk for future neurological disease and cancer. Continue reading

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Hormone Replacement Therapy: Yes or No?

Know importance of right amount of hormons in our body in hundreds of functions. Prefer bioidentical hormones in hormone replacements therapy. Continue reading

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My Latest Interview

I had the privilege of being interviewed by Carl Helvie, an 80 year old gem who is passionate about providing the public with information about the health options available to them.  Here is the link:  for this Carl Helvie show. My … Continue reading

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