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The Foxes are Guarding the Hen House

Stop the FDA from taking your supplements away. Continue reading

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Much Ado About Milk

I am a firm believer in not drinking milk, other than as an infant and the source is one’s mother’s breast milk. It is one of the most allergenic foods around. It is a major source of post nasal drip in people Continue reading

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Shedding Light on the Light Fixture Danger

Those snazzy spiral fluorescent bulbs that have been mandated upon us apparently are more dangerous than we thought.  They are a part of the “green” revolution, ie, ways for us to be more energy efficient.  While I am all in … Continue reading

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Threats to Dilute Organic Foods Standards

Alliance for Natural Health-USA has informed us that there are attempts to add non-organic additives or preservatives to baby food.  Yes, baby food! Some people are trying to admit synthetic additives, some of which might even be genetically-modified.  It amazes me … Continue reading

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Tuberculosis is Raging Again

Remember the operas where the heroine’s last aria is a 10 minute emotional scene before she dies of “consumption.”  Consumption was tuberculosis.  That disease however has not died.  In fact, it is making a resurgence.  This time however there is … Continue reading

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GMO? Our Chance to Say NO!

http://www.anh-usa.org/gmo-labeling-initiative-will-be-on-the-ballot-in-california/ Twenty years ago, according to this article, the FDA denied us – the general public, otherwise known as consumers – the right to know if our food is genetically modified.  (I have given you a number of references in … Continue reading

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Obesity: It Isn’t Just What You Eat

Many of my patients have complained to me about how hard it is for them to lose weight.  I empathize greatly.  Several factors seem to be involved. The first is hormones:  There is an epidemic of women, especially, suffering with … Continue reading

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Another Case for the Precautionary Principle

What is the Precautionary Principle?  This states that we should be cautious about using new chemicals (or other technological advances) until we have proven they are safe.  Let’s put this into perspective.  It is estimated that since World War II, … Continue reading

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Another problem from sitting at our computers for hours…

Studies are informing us that sitting too long in one position is hazardous for our circulatory health.  This seems to be true even for those of us who exercise and eat “right.”  Our bodies were not designed to sit hour … Continue reading

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Vaccinations: Whether You Want Them or Not

The issue of vaccinations is certainly controversial.  My concern about them rises from the increasing evidence of harmful effects from them.   These deleterious effects are exposed in well-done scientific studies.  This is important because anecdotal reports are not considered … Continue reading

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