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No Need to Wonder Anymore Why So Many Have Low Thyroid

This means that the toxins found in the lining of cans, in the lining of baby bottles, on copy paper of you credit card printout, in your cosmetics, in plastics, etc. very likely are contributing to the surge in hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone) in the population. Continue reading

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BPA: They should know by now…

http://www.pacherbs.com/archives/5568  This is an excellent article at the PacHerbs blog site about Bisphenol A.  Scientific studies have shown repeatedly that BPA (as it is called) is a xenoestrogen.  This means it acts like estrogen in nature.  There is increasing concern … Continue reading

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BPA: Out of Bottles Yet Into Our Bodies

 This is about our continuing struggle for our health and well-being and how society requires that we be diligent if we are not to become the victims of mindless, inconsiderate decisions made by others for us. Is it any wonder … Continue reading

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