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Epidemic! Are gut problems related to this?

Antimicrobial chemicals are used in consumer products to prevent bacterial overgrowth.  Triclosan is used in more than 2000 products such as toothpaste, cosmetics, kitchenware, toys and others.  A study with mice, reported in Science Translational Medicine and reported in the … Continue reading

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Endocrine Disruptor in Nail Polish Gets Absorbed By women’s bodies

There is Danger in those Beautiful Nails                   Environmental Working Group, which provides valuable information about chemicals and their effects on our health, has noted a study done by Duke University that we … Continue reading

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Hormone Replacement Therapy: Yes or No?

Know importance of right amount of hormons in our body in hundreds of functions. Prefer bioidentical hormones in hormone replacements therapy. Continue reading

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Rethinking Milk

Despite all the ads over the years for drinking milk in the “Got Milk?” series – I do not recommend drinking milk. Milk is one of the most mucus-producing and one of the most allergenic foods we have.  In addition, whatever … Continue reading

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Obesity: It Isn’t Just What You Eat

Many of my patients have complained to me about how hard it is for them to lose weight.  I empathize greatly.  Several factors seem to be involved. The first is hormones:  There is an epidemic of women, especially, suffering with … Continue reading

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Is that chicken safe to eat?

When we eat chicken and other animal products, what are we really eating?  Chicken feathers are ground up to make “chicken meal” which is used in fertilizer and feed for other animals.  The analogy I take from this is if … Continue reading

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