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No Need to Wonder Anymore Why So Many Have Low Thyroid

This means that the toxins found in the lining of cans, in the lining of baby bottles, on copy paper of you credit card printout, in your cosmetics, in plastics, etc. very likely are contributing to the surge in hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone) in the population. Continue reading

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Radiation Continued

I recommend you follow the blog posting of Dr. David Brownstein: http://drdavidbrownstein.blogspot.com/ about the radiation issue from Japan. Dr. Brownstein is one of the national experts about nutritional iodine and our bodies’ need for it. In addition, now is the time … Continue reading

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Radiation: What To Do?

What are the main concerns for our health from the leakage of radiation from the Japanese nuclear reactor?  The two main forms of radiation apparently leaked are radioactive cesium and radioactive iodine.  The radioactive iodine would be taken up by … Continue reading

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Volcano’s Eruption Affects Our Health

The volcano in Iceland has done more than just disrupt airline traffic in Europe and make the sky cloudy. In those clouds are potentially toxic elements and chemicals that will be affecting us for the next several years as nano-particles rain down on us in their return to earth. Continue reading

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