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Goodbye to “Got Milk?”

In summary then: don’t drink milk. If you are going to use cow dairy products, be sure they are organic. Continue reading

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Much Ado About Milk

I am a firm believer in not drinking milk, other than as an infant and the source is one’s mother’s breast milk. It is one of the most allergenic foods around. It is a major source of post nasal drip in people Continue reading

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Rethinking Milk

Despite all the ads over the years for drinking milk in the “Got Milk?” series – I do not recommend drinking milk. Milk is one of the most mucus-producing and one of the most allergenic foods we have.  In addition, whatever … Continue reading

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Milk: Why Are We Drinking It?

Fifty years ago, I remember my father, a pediatrician, telling a patient of his he needed to stop drinking his 2 quarts of milk per day if he wanted to get rid of his acne.  This was before farmers added … Continue reading

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