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Headline: Organic Food Linked to Less Cancer

My patients often tell me that organic food is too expensive so they prefer to buy the conventional kind.  A Los Angeles Times article dated October 28, 2018 reported a study of almost 70,000 French adults over an average of … Continue reading

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What Are the Big Food Companies Afraid Of?

“The big food companies are spending more and more money to ensure that genetically modified foods NOT be labeled. They don’t want us to know. Continue reading

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My Latest Interview about GMO’s

Thank you to Myles McNamara and Diane Blair from Comfort Keepers for a great discussion with Jennifer MacDowell and me at KHTS, the local radio station in Santa Clarita on their show, Aging With Power. Here is the link if … Continue reading

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Help Say “No” to Monsanto

For your health and for all of us: 1. Buy only non-GMO foods. 2. Buy only organic or sustainable produce. Continue reading

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Monsanto is above the law…?

By now I am sure the sophisticated readers of my blog know that Congress passed a bill that puts Monsanto above the law.  Even if there are court decisions stating that Monsanto cannot sell their seed, this law says Monsanto … Continue reading

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Big Brother Is Around The Corner or And You Thought You Were Free To Treat Yourself As You Wish

Remember the experiment about frogs in hot water?  If you put a frog into boiling water, it will jump out.  If you put it into cold water and slowly heat the water to boiling, it will stay in the water … Continue reading

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Monsanto Continues To Be Up to Its Selfish Tricks

Congress Is Back. And So Is Monsanto’s Sneak Attack. According to “Organic Bytes” Monsanto is trying to pass a bill in Congress that would grant it immunity from the law.  Monsanto has become dangerous because until recently we have not … Continue reading

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Do you still think GMO foods are safe? Watch this

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQEXn-Mb8xM&feature=youtu.be Watch for even 20 minutes.  You will learn why so many of us are terrified of the potential damage to the human race, in fact to all living creatures on earth, from genetically modified foods.  Jeffrey Smith succinctly describes … Continue reading

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We Are All Victims!

Who are the victims of the genetic-modification of food experiment? Certainly the scientists who have been summarily fired from their jobs for speaking the truth about the dangers of genetically modified (GM) foods. Certainly the farmers who have been sued by Monsanto because, … Continue reading

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How Truthful Are Those Ads About Prop 37?

Anna Ghosh has written a helpful response at FoodandWaterWatch.org to the ads put out by the consortium against Proposition 37.  I would like to add some information. The most frequent complaint I hear is “how come my dog’s food can … Continue reading

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