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I Invite You To Watch My New YouTube Video

It is never too late to make changes to benefit our health and to feel wonderful. Continue reading

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Holistic Relief for your Holiday Upset: Come Join Us

Two dynamic health experts share how to stay healthy through the holidays and beyond. Continue reading

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Do you still think GMO foods are safe? Watch this

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQEXn-Mb8xM&feature=youtu.be Watch for even 20 minutes.  You will learn why so many of us are terrified of the potential damage to the human race, in fact to all living creatures on earth, from genetically modified foods.  Jeffrey Smith succinctly describes … Continue reading

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Flu Vaccines Are Not The Panacea As Stated

An article from the University of Minnesota states that flu vaccines are not as effective as we have been told.  Frankly, I don’t recommend them at all for two reasons.  The first is that we don’t know what else is … Continue reading

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Threats to Dilute Organic Foods Standards

Alliance for Natural Health-USA has informed us that there are attempts to add non-organic additives or preservatives to baby food.  Yes, baby food! Some people are trying to admit synthetic additives, some of which might even be genetically-modified.  It amazes me … Continue reading

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Who Says There is No Science Behind The Concerns About GMO’s?

The Seeds of Doubt Conference in Los Angeles on October 6 was superb!  It left No Doubt about why we should be concerned about current genetically-modified food.  If you don’t want to watch the whole conference, at least watch Dr. … Continue reading

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My Latest Interview

I had the privilege of being interviewed by Carl Helvie, an 80 year old gem who is passionate about providing the public with information about the health options available to them.  Here is the link: http://www.audioacrobat.com/play/WN5HFlrk  for this Carl Helvie show. My … Continue reading

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