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More Children are Suffering Major Illness

Dramatic Increase in Hospitalization of US Children With Inflammatory Bowel Disease Continue reading

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Autism: The Alarming Increase

The explosion of the number of cases of autism is still a mystery.  We are recognizing that people on the spectrum seem to be unable to detoxify toxins as efficiently as those people who are “neurotypical” i.e. without autism or … Continue reading

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The Flu Again. Yikes!

As per reports the flu shot does not help all people take it. Here are few tips which either preventing you getting the flu or cutting the symptoms short. Continue reading

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Flu Vaccines Are Not The Panacea As Stated

An article from the University of Minnesota states that flu vaccines are not as effective as we have been told.  Frankly, I don’t recommend them at all for two reasons.  The first is that we don’t know what else is … Continue reading

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Unnecessary Government Interference

I am copying here an email sent to me via the National Vaccine Information Center, a find group that educates people about the issues pertaining to vaccination.  Bill AB2109 in the California Assembly would change current law.  At present a … Continue reading

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To Vaccinate or Not: Consider The History and Science

Thanks to Suzanne Humphries, MD for providing a comprehensive and well-documented article about many issues related to vaccinations.  http://www.vaccinationcouncil.org/2012/07/05/herd-immunity-the-flawed-science-and-failures-of-mass-vaccination-suzanne-humphries-md-3/ I recommend this as “must see” reading for any parent who is wondering about vaccinations for their child.  Reports by many … Continue reading

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And you thought you had heard it all about vaccinations…

We have been lied to again! Continue reading

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