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Ah Choo! Cough – Cough!

Even in Los Angeles, the evenings are relatively cooler. ‘Tis the season for colds, coughs, sniffles and flu.  Three people in the last 10 days have mentioned to me that they have had a cough that would not go away. … Continue reading

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Is your orange juice “enhanced?”

Unless you squeeze your own orange juice, the product you drink from a carton is neither fresh nor just orange juice. Continue reading

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Fall Is Upon Us – How Not To Get Sick This Winter

‘Tis the season for colds, coughs, sniffles and flu. Continue reading

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The Flu Again. Yikes!

As per reports the flu shot does not help all people take it. Here are few tips which either preventing you getting the flu or cutting the symptoms short. Continue reading

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FDA is Anti Health

The FDA has ruled that small pharmacies now are not allowed to make or distribute injectable vitamin C.  The only possible reason for this is that this substance is not patentable and so no drug company can make money on it. Read … Continue reading

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Staying Healthy Through The Holidays

I have had so many patients call in sick this week, I decided to bring to my blog one of my recent enewsletters. We look forward to the holidays, to the long weekends, the time with friends and family, and to … Continue reading

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Do You Always Get Sick Over The Holidays?

So many people complain to me about getting sick this time of year.  One of the simplest strategies they have forgotten about is taking enough vitamin C.   We are one of the few mammals that do not make our own … Continue reading

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